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About your county

For a wide range of information about Derbyshire, including the latest Census, population and unemployment data, please visit the Derbyshire Observatory.

Derbyshire Observatory

The Derbyshire Observatory provides a wide range of information about Derbyshire and its local areas. The information helps to build a picture of life in Derbyshire and improves our understanding of the needs of our local communities. It is used to inform decision-making and service planning, ensuring our services meet the needs of local residents.

The statistics are presented in easy-to-use formats such as infographics, interactive maps and tables that can be viewed or downloaded. Useful links are also provided to other research and reports that are relevant to Derbyshire.

If you have any comments, suggestions or problems we would really like to hear from you, email: or tel: 01629 538267.

Population of Derbyshire

Detailed figures and infographics about the population of Derbyshire are published on the Derbyshire Observatory.

More information about the county's population, covering topics like age, household type, education, health, accommodation and occupation, is available from the 2011 Census.

Census 2011

The census is carried out every 10 years by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and is the only time every person and household is counted right across the UK.

In the 10 years since the previous national census people have come and gone, families have grown, expectations and lifestyles have altered. As a result, the face of Derbyshire has changed.

The 2011 census is vital in measuring these changes. A number of questions vary with each census for example, questions regarding civil partnerships, second homes and recent migration were included for the first time.

The information it supplies will help decision makers improve and develop public services. Its findings affect everyone.

A range of Census information along with Census profiles can be found on the Derbyshire Observatory.

For more information email: or contact Fen Jones, tel: 01629 539984.

You can also visit the official Office for National Statistics (ONS) 2011 Census.


For economic related information for Derbyshire please visit the economy and employment section of the Derbyshire Observatory.

For more information email: or contact Mick Evans tel: 01629 538474 or Laura Howe tel: 01629 538257.

Unemployment statistics

Unemployment figures are published each month by the Office for National Statistics, which include Universal Credit claimants. This is now the headline measure of unemployment.

The number of people out of work and claiming benefits is an important indicator of the economic health of an area.

Comparisons between different areas can be made by showing the number of benefit claimants as a proportion of the total population of working age to give an unemployment rate.

Employment and unemployment statistics for Derbyshire are available in the Derbyshire Observatory.

Area profiles

Area profiles are a way of understanding the life in local communities and help us find ways to make improvements by looking at the latest available data across a range of indicators.

They can help:

  • identify key issues such as crime, health, deprivation, economic activity and education
  • highlight geographical differences between areas
  • influence policy and resource decisions
  • assess how well an area is performing compared to the county as a whole

Area profiles and Derbyshire Quilt

The area profiles are updated each year and provide information at multi-agency team (MAT), electoral division, district and county level.

The Derbyshire Quilt provides an overview of all the indicators and shows the rank position of each electoral division or district in terms of their performance for a particular indicator.

For more information email: or tel: 01629 539174.