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Green Entrepreneurs Programme expression of interest carbon savings guidance

In the project description section of the expression of interest we ask you to tell us how the project will lower the carbon impact of the business and in what way.  

To help you calculate the carbon saving for your project please use the carbon calculator from the Carbon Trust.

The programme will be using a measure for carbon saving of a minimum of 550kg of CO2e saved per £1,000 of grant.

The following examples of project interventions for carbon saving measures will all be on a case-by-case basis, but previous low carbon and green energy interventions have resulted in the following benefits for businesses:

  • 550kg of CO2e equates to driving around 2,000 miles based on a medium sized car.
  • Investments in new and more efficient equipment and machinery could result in about 5 tonnes of CO2e saving based on changing a single step in the manufacturing process.
  • Previous beneficiaries of low carbon funds for investments in compressed air and heat recovery has seen around 8 tonnes of CO2e saving per annum.
  • Investing in new more efficient boilers and retro-fitting your business premises could result in a CO2e saving of 10 to 40% of energy use. The emissions savings will be client specific.
  • Investing in a biomass boiler could result in a significant CO2e saving as this has been described as carbon neutral, although you will need to factor in the impact for transportation for fuel delivery.
  • Previous beneficiaries of low carbon funds have reported that investing in better insulation and more efficient lighting could result in more than 2 tonnes of CO2e saving per annum.
  • Repurposing your business travel routes could result in a CO2e saving of hundreds of tonnes per annum if your business engaged in lots of face-to-face interactions such as consulting and maintenance.