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The Breastfeeding Welcome Here Award

Businesses (cafés, libraries, GP surgeries, schools and many more) who actively support staff to make premises welcome for mothers to breastfeed can have a positive impact on making women feel able to breastfeed in public.

Breastfeeding welcome here

This is not only good for the mum and baby, but for your business as well.

Taking part also provides a number of benefits for your business, including:

  • attracting families by making them feel welcome, they will, therefore, be likely to stay longer and spend more
  • breastfeeding mums are also likely to return time after time to venues that they feel comfortable in
  • improved customer service
  • providing good publicity
  • attracting new customers

Breastfeeding also has lifelong health benefits for both baby and mother. So if your business signs up to the award you will be making a positive contribution to the health of Derbyshire.

Achieving the Breastfeeding Welcome Award

There's an application process – this also involves a brief inspection of your premises.

Display your 'welcome to breastfeed here' sticker and certificate. Women will know that you support and encourage breastfeeding.

Provide a comfortable place for women to breastfeed – it doesn't need to be a separate room but it should never be the toilet. You wouldn't want to eat in the toilet – why would a mum want to breastfeed there?

Treat breastfeeding mums the same way you would any other patron.

Consider developing a breastfeeding policy for your business. If you need help with this, contact contact the Start Well team, email:

Know how to deal with comments from other patrons.


The scheme is free to join.

Apply for the Breastfeeding Welcome Here Award

If your application is successful we'll award you with a certificate and other display information so that mums know that you welcome breastfeeding.

For further details contact the Start Well team:

Check out more information to support breastfeeding.