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Core fleet

These are the council’s own and hired vehicles - recognisable as being a distinctive orange colour.

Smarter Travel van

We have more than 770 core fleet vehicles, including:

  • gritters
  • mobile libraries
  • lorries
  • street lighting platforms
  • vans
  • mini-buses
  • 4x4 vehicles
  • trailers
  • plant.

Through Smarter Travel we are looking to see if this core fleet is efficient and appropriate for the services we need to deliver now and in the future.

For more information about core fleet contact Fleet Services at County Transport in Ambergate on 01629 532110.

Vehicle management system (VMS)

We already have many vehicles fitted with a GPS location system and we are rolling out its use into the rest of the fleet in consultation with employees and the trade unions.

Using VMS in our core fleet has several benefits:

  • It helps us to make fuel and CO2 savings – evidence shows that having the device fitted can positively affect driving style, making the driver more conscious of fuel efficiency, therefore saving money.
  • It provides data on vehicle usage which can help us move towards having a more efficient fleet of vehicles.
  • It helps us manage our health and safety risks by providing monitoring for lone drivers - panic alarms can be fitted. Plus it can report on driver hours to ensure we don’t breach regulations, prevent vehicle overloading and identify driving standard issues.