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Disclosure Information

Criminal background information will only be requested following a successful interview.

It is the responsibility of the council as employer to decide whether a person subject to a check should be appointed to or continue in a post, taking into account duties under the Criminal Justice and Court Services Act 2000 and any other relevant legal or regulatory requirements.

Applicants are invited to provide any additional information which may improve understanding and fair decision making. Before an employment related decision is made, the applicant will be given an opportunity to discuss any issues revealed in the disclosure.

When disclosures or other information reveal an offence or other matter the following will also be considered in decision making:

  • Relevance to the post
  • Nature and seriousness of the offence/matter
  • Length of time since it occurred
  • The circumstances surrounding it and explanation offered
  • Whether there is a pattern of offending behaviour/related matters
  • Whether the applicants circumstances have changed since the offence making re-offending less likely
  • The country in which the offence was committed (what constitutes an offence may differ between countries)
  • Whether the offence has since been decriminalised by Parliament.

Decisions will be made as soon as possible after the disclosure is received.