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Thomas Lewins, ICT service desk apprentice

Thomas Lewins talks about his experience and why he chose an apprenticeship with the ICT service desk.
Thomas Lewins ICT service desk apprentice

"My main reason for choosing an apprenticeship was because I didn't want to study something at uni and then find that I couldn't get a job relevant to the subject at the end, wasting money and time and ending up with a huge debt.

"Also, doing an apprenticeship helps to provide experience in a working environment which is often what employers look for.

"Getting paid was also another factor as it helped me to fund for my car as well as buy things I previously wouldn't have had the money for.

"The last reason why I chose an apprenticeship is that there's a chance of there being a job at the end of it, and even if there isn't, the amount of experience and qualifications gained is far better than just a degree, in my opinion.

"For me, the highlights of my apprenticeship so far would be how I've been able to see all the aspects of the IT department from the service desk to asset management.

"From the service desk I've been able to help people over the phone which always gives you a good feeling and I enjoy being part of a team working to solve challenging issues and problems. Then in asset management I was able to see what happens to the computers and 'kit' before they get sent out to the users which is interesting to see. I also got to go out for the day with a field engineer to fix issues at sites across Derbyshire.

"I would highly recommend an apprenticeship to others. Although you don't get the freedom which going to uni would provide, it still gives you a type of independence by placing you in a working environment and providing you with tons of experience. This experience helps when applying for jobs and allows you to meet friendly and interesting people. You always feel well supported and never isolated due to the helpfulness and kindness of the colleagues you work with.

"The money aspect of an apprenticeship is also a positive because it gives you a good income which you can then spend on yourself.

"Overall, I am happy I decided to do an apprenticeship over going to uni and I am still enjoying myself as much now as I did when I started."