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Lucy Carmichael, business administration apprentice

Lucy Carmichael talks about her experience and why she chose a business administration apprenticeship.

Lucy Carmichael"When I began searching for an apprenticeship post A Levels, I hadn’t been looking for a specific employer, instead I focused on the job on offer. However, when I discovered that Derbyshire County Council offered my desired apprenticeship, I was excited by the opportunity as I came to realise that this could lead to gaining experience, and potentially a full time job, in a wide range of departments. The thing that attracted me to this post most is the versatility of the role, which wouldn’t exist to the same extent with an apprenticeship offered by a small single industry firm.

"From a personal development perspective, I believe that undertaking this apprenticeship role has transformed my personality to make me more confident, more easily adaptable to change and overall a more resilient individual. Not only is this due to the chance I have had to immerse myself into office culture and have made many great friends from doing so, but it also stems from the fact that I have been exposed to so many different situations and experiences throughout my time with the council to date. The main highlight for me is being able to reassure myself that I am able to succeed and better myself professionally each day, as I continue to encounter new tasks in the work place. Similarly, prior to starting this job, one of my main concerns was that I would struggle to form friendships with my colleagues, which is something that I have since been proved wrong with, as I have met individuals who I now consider friends for life.

"I would certainly suggest an apprenticeship to any school leaver who is either unsure of the career path they want to take, or someone who is set on the job they wish to achieve. The apprenticeship route is very accommodating to individuals in both of these situations as no prior training is necessary in order to succeed in the job, and as a career move they are helpful in contributing to confirm the desired career path of the individual undertaking the apprenticeship. I am a great example of such as while I knew that university wasn’t the right route for me, I knew that I wanted to immerse myself into the world of work. Indeed, the experience that an apprenticeship offers, no matter the employer, is second to none and the same cannot be achieved in any other way."