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Joe Wragg, business administration apprentice

Joe Wragg talks about his experience and why he chose a business administration apprenticeship.
Joe Wragg

"Throughout my time at school I was never sure what career path I would like to take once I entered the world of work. I decided to stay on to do sixth form despite not really having much of an interest in attending university once I had completed my A-levels.

"After completing my A-Levels I was a little lost on what to do, as most of my friends were now leaving to go to their chosen universities. This is when I realised I wanted to start a career for myself. I did some research into various apprenticeships as I felt a learning role would be the best way for me to make a start. Out of all the apprenticeships I looked into, Derbyshire County Council really stood out, mainly because of the variety of roles and opportunities available. 

"I started a business administrative apprenticeship within human resources at Derbyshire County Council in March 2018. Before I started, I was slightly worried that my role would just involve me sitting at a desk performing the same tasks over and over every day, but I soon found out that this wouldn’t be the case. My role has been very varied and I have been offered lots of opportunities to go out with other teams to explore different areas of the council; therefore improving my knowledge on how the council operates as well as giving me more of an idea of what roles I would potentially like to try in future.

"One of the highlights for me was going out with our health and safety team to inspect buildings such as libraries to learn about the issues they must deal with. I have also visited Pride Park Stadium in Derby to take part in a careers event where I shared my experiences of being an apprentice with younger people deciding what they might like to do.

"I would definitely recommend apprenticeships at Derbyshire County Council, as for someone who was uncertain on what path I would like to take, I now have a much better understanding of what I might like to do. On top of this I am gaining a qualification, skills and invaluable working experience as part of my role. I have formed some great working relationships with colleagues who have made me feel like an important member of the team by giving me various responsibilities, but at the same time everyone understands that I am in a learning role so I am not overwhelmed with pressure. I feel very settled in my role and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far."