Environmental assessments

Environmental assessments had to be carried out on the Local Transport Plan to protect the environment and wildlife habitats.

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

We were required to undertake an SEA of the Local Transport Plan.

SEA ensures a high level of environmental protection and the integration of environmental considerations into its preparation.

The first stage of the SEA was to examine a wide range of environmental data to identify where potential impacts may occur. This is called the SEA scoping stage and the results of this were published in a report in June 2011.

The second stage was to look at different ways that transport improvements could be made and how they would influence environmental issues. To do this we examined three different alternative strategies against thirteen environmental objectives.

The results of this stage were used to develop the preferred strategy for the Local Transport Plan and they were published in an Environmental Report in October 2011.

The Derbyshire Local Transport Plan Three includes an environmental statement which sets out how environmental considerations have been included. The plan was assessed as likely to deliver positive environmental effects. The Environmental Statement is published in the related documents.

Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA)

We were required to undertake a HRA of the Local Transport Plan.

HRA ensures the protection of habitats and species identified as being of European importance. The potential environmental impacts upon nine Special Areas of Conservation and a Special Protection Area were examined.

Three issues were considered further:

  1. damage and disturbance due to recreation
  2. water quality
  3. air quality/nitrogen deposition.

This examination concluded that the plan would be unlikely to cause significant negative effects.

To ensure this occurs the plan includes measures to protect European sites.

Further details are included within the Environmental Statement in the related documents section.

Related documents

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