Local Transport Plan Three

In April 2011, we published our new Local Transport Plan. It sets out a transport vision, goals, challenges to be tackled and a strategy covering the period to 2026.

The vision aims to achieve a transport system that is both fair and efficient, promotes healthier lifestyles, safer communities, safeguards and enhances the natural environment and provides better access to jobs and services. Whilst also improving choice and accessibility of transport and integrating economic, social and environmental needs.

The five transport goals are:

  1. Supporting a resilient local economy.

  2. Tackling climate change.

  3. Contributing to better safety, security and health.

  4. Promoting equality of opportunity.

  5. Improving quality of life and promoting a healthy natural environment.

The plan puts emphasis on supporting a resilient local economy, contributing to better safety, security and health, and improving quality of life and promoting a healthy natural environment.

It aims to achieve longer term benefits for climate change and measures to help people under the equality of opportunity goal.

The Local Transport Plan was developed by examining local issues, a wide range of evidence and extensive consultation with the public, businesses and organisations. During the Plans development the County Council also undertook two environmental assessments − a Strategic Environmental Assessment and a Habitats Regulations Assessment − and also an Equalities Impact Assessment to examine any potential impacts its policies would have on a range of environmental topics and to ensure that they were fair for everyone.

You can download the complete Local Transport Plan from the related documents on this page, or look at the 'Moving Forward' public summary.

Investment protocol

Each year we allocate funds to different measures and services. This is guided by our Local Transport Plan Investment Protocol that makes the link between the transport strategy and delivery programmes.

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