Toucan Crossings

A toucan crossing enables pedestrians and cyclists to cross the road using a shared facility.

The red/green man and cycle indicators can be located on the far side of the crossing from the waiting point (making it similar to pelican crossings); or they can be located on the near side (making it similar to puffin crossings).

The green man/cycle symbols illuminate when it is safe to cross the road. This is sometimes accompanied by an audible signal. When the audible signal is not permitted for use, a tactile cone is provided under the push button unit. This rotates when the green man symbol is lit.

Like puffin crossings, toucans are fitted with above ground detectors that increase their efficiency by:

1. Cancelling the demand if the pedestrian moves away from the crossing
2. Adjusting the time available for pedestrians to cross the road 

This enables the crossing to respond to the on ground traffic and pedestrian situation, enhancing safety and minimising delay.