Street cleaning

Depending on areas, street cleaning is carried out by us here at Derbyshire County Council or the district and borough councils within Derbyshire. All defect reports that we receive that are not covered by us will be forwarded directly to the appropriate district or borough council for action.

Weed control

We're responsible for the control of weeds on the highway (roads and pavements).

However weed spraying is carried out by the district and borough councils as agents for us.

Any reports of problems with weeds should be made directly to the appropriate district council.

Clearance and emptying of road gullies

If you spot a blocked road gully you can report it to us and we'll arrange for the work to be carried out. In some areas where we do not deal with the faults directly, we can pass reports onto the relevant district or borough council for action.

Report problems with road gullies

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