Tackling snow

In March 2013 the county faced some of the most severe snow conditions it had seen in years.

Some of the situations our staff have faced include:

  • drifts higher than Land Rovers
  • motorists and lorry drivers stuck in their vehicles overnight
  • communities without food, water or heating
  • rescuing 15 students with special needs at an outdoor activity centre on the Snake Pass
  • finding students who had spent the night in a farm on Rushup Edge
  • finding drifts so high they were over houses
  • tracking down a family with a three month old child walking on the Snake Pass at night after they had abandoned their car

These are just some of the tasks we have been involved in as well as the standard care work and transporting ambulance crews.

We've worked alongside Police, Fire and Rescue, East Midlands Ambulance Service, Peak District Ranger Service, Mountain Rescue Teams, Peak 4x4 response and gritter crews.

If you have pictures of our gritting crews in action, or if you have any photos of the adverse weather in 2013, you can email them to us and we'll add the best ones here.