Report areas needing gritting or clearance

In heavy snow and freezing conditions, our main focus is on keeping primary and secondary routes open. We can't guarantee we'll grit roads which are not on these routes.

We're also working with farmers and external contractors to clear snow from some roads which aren't on these routes.

You can request a road to be gritted, using the form on this page, but we'll only consider these roads when priority routes have been treated and any requests will be dealt in order of where need is greatest.

Severe winter weather - what to do in an emergency

  • Do you need help for a medical emergency or fire? Call 999. Emergency services will get help to you.
  • Do you need to travel for an appointment to receive dialysis, chemotherapy or radiotherapy? Call your healthcare provider first to make sure your appointment hasn't been cancelled. If an ambulance usually picks you up and drops you off contact your provider.

    If you usually travel to your appointment by yourself or with family or friends, and you're concerned the road conditions are too bad to travel, Call Derbyshire on 01629 533190 and we'll try and arrange to get you there and back.
  • Are you an elderly or disabled person expecting a visit from the district nurse for essential healthcare or a new or expectant mother with a midwife appointment? Contact that service to check that visits or appointments are still scheduled.

We'll be working with all these other agencies to help services like this continue.


    • If you are having trouble using the map to locate the position of the fault or request please see our self help guide for more information.

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    • Using the map

      Search button  Use the search box to find the location of a postcode, street, town or village as well as other relevant items (such as street lights). If you are using a device with GPS capability you will also have the option to use your current location.

       Layer switcher   Turn on or off different map layers. Switching to the aerial photo map may help to identify other landmarks.

      Zoom button  Zoom in by clicking on the map or using the + or - zoom buttons before selecting the location of the report or request.

      Mouse pointer  Click on the map to select a feature from the resulting list.

      Still having problems

      You can call Call Derbyshire on 01629 533190.


    If you are unable to use the map to identify the location of the report or request please provide as much detail as possible about its location.


    Please provide as much detail as possible in your report including the time and date that you observed the issue.

    Please provide as much detail as possible about your report
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      If we cannot find your fault and you do not want to be contacted we may not be able to resolve it. Please consider this when submitting your report or request.

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