Apply for a skip permit

It's a statutory requirement for any skip on a road to have a permit, and no skip should be placed on the road until written permission has been given. You don't need a permit to place a skip on private land.

Before any skip can be placed on a public road, the skip provider must apply to us for a permit. Members of the public can't apply for permits.

It's an offence for a skip to be on a public road without a permit and the skip may be removed without notice.

Any skip found on the road without a permit will incur a cost of £50 to cover administration fees.

Getting a permit

If you're a member of public, you should contact a skip provider of your choice. You can find skip providers using our Trusted Trader page.

If you're a skip company that's been issued with a company ID number, you can submit a permit request using the form on this page.

If you've not been issued with a company ID, you will need to register your company and supply evidence of your public liability insurance. Download and complete the 'Skip company registration form' attached to this page and return it to us. We'll contact you to confirm registration.

The cost for a new permit or extension to a current permit is £14 which is non-refundable.

Length of permit

A permit can last for up to a maximum of seven days on an A or B road or 14 days on any other road.

If a skip is required for a longer period than this, extensions may be permitted at our discretion and an additional fee will be charged.

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errorPlease correct the information in the fields highlighted below.
Application for a skip permit

Your company must first be registered with us and we must have evidence of your Public Liability Insurance before you can make a permit application.

Enter your Company Id and Pin number so we can confirm your identity. These details will have been sent to you by email during the skip operator registration process. If you need a reminder, email from the email account you have registered with us.

Your company details could not be verified. Please check your Company Id and Pin number and try again.

Note: Asterisks (*) indicate required information.

Please enter the Company Id you were issued with upon registration.

Please enter the Pin number you were issued with upon registration.

Please enter the Pin number issued to your company.
  • Check details

Applicant details

Company details verified.

You cannot make an application for a new permit as your Public Liability Insurance has expired or is due to expire soon.

Please email with a copy of your new Public Liability Insurance policy document to enable you to apply for permits.

Renew a current permit

If you would like to renew one of your current permits please click on the permit number below.

Please provide details of your new Public Liability Insurance policy if you wish to apply for an extension to any of the following.

Picking a location for your skip

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Skip location

Property name/number *
Please provide more details about the location of the skip.

Size of skip

Please provide the size of skip in metres.

Please select the width of your skip.

Please select the length of your skip.

Permit duration

Please specify when you would like the permit to start. *

Please select the permit start date on the calendar.

Our standard conditions

I/We have read and accepted the terms and conditions for the placing of skips on the highway. I/we agree to observe and abide by the conditions contained within the document as well as any other additional conditions which may be listed as part of this permit including payment of the associated application fee.

In the event Derbyshire County Council grant permission sought herein I/we agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Council from and against all actions in law or in equity, damages, statutory or common losses, costs, charges and expenses arising in any manner whatsoever out of the deposit of the skip, works or use of the above mentioned activity on the public highway.

I/We will email with evidence of Public Liability Insurance coverage, as soon as it is issued, if a current policy is due to expire whilst a skip is placed on the highway.

Please confirm that you accept the terms and conditions.

If you experience any problems with this form please email: and quote form: Skips on highways application form.