Train fares

There are various types of ticket available on trains, ranging from "anytime" tickets valid on any train at any time to discounted advance-purchase tickets valid only on specified trains.

The fare for your train journey will often depend on the time of day, and sometimes the day of the week.

The route you choose can also affect the fare.

There are various websites such as (opens in a new window), (opens in a new window) and (opens in a new window) where you can plan your train journey and see the range of fares available.

Many types of ticket are available for advance purchase online through these sites.

Holders of railcards can save one-third of the cost of most types of train ticket.

b_line2 (opens in a new window) cardholders can get up to a third off local train travel in Derbyshire and to some other nearby towns and cities.

Derbyshire Wayfarer day rover tickets are valid on trains and buses for journeys around Derbyshire.