Safeguarding advice for school bus drivers

The job you do is very important in helping to get our students to school as safely as possible.

And by following a few basic guidelines you can help protect everyone - so you can all enjoy a smooth ride.

Looking after yourself

  • Be polite and helpful but avoid being over-friendly
  • Don't have conversations that are, or may be interpreted to be, inappropriate. Guard against a student being over familiar
  • Don't ask a student for personal information or share personal information about yourself
  • Don't exchange personal information through text messages or social media or take or swap photographs with students
  • Never arrange to meet up with a student out of school
  • Don't engage in any physical activity with your passengers
  • Never use your mobile phone while driving. The only exception is if you have a hands-free kit and it's an emergency

If you think a student has misinterpreted any of your actions you should report it immediately to your supervisor or by contacting 01629 536739.

Looking after your passengers

  • Stick to the agreed route and timetable
  • Treat the students in a professional manner at all times
  • If your bus has seat belts encourage students to use them
  • Know what to do if you think a student is being abused, neglected or bullied
  • If a student tells you something that doesn't seem right tell the school, your supervisor or report the information to Call Derbyshire: 01629 533190.

If you have any other concerns or want more information please contact 01629 536739.