Bus shelters

Bus shelter Shelters are provided at many of the main bus stops in Derbyshire.

The majority of bus shelters in Derbyshire are owned by the local district or parish council.

In order to encourage the provision of quality bus shelters throughout the county, we have for several years offered grants of 50 per cent to district and parish councils to assist them with their purchase of bus shelters.

We consider that bus shelters provide an invaluable amenity to waiting bus passengers. Therefore visibility and safety are important features of the design especially for women, children and elderly people.

The design incorporates see through materials such as toughened glass or polycarbonate, and internal illumination. 

Local councils decide at which bus stop they wish to place a shelter.

We must check that the chosen location meets the road safety requirements, e.g. visibility sightlines for traffic emerging from nearby road junctions or driveways and adequate footway widths etc.

The Highways Development Control Department, deal with such enquiries. No bus shelter can be erected until Highways Approval has been obtained.

The local district or parish council which owns the bus shelter is responsible for its maintenance and cleaning.

If you wish to report damage to a bus stop or bus shelter please contact Call Derbyshire on 08 456 058 058 or email contact.centre@derbyshire.gov.uk and we will pass on your comments to the relevant local authority.

Find out how to contact your local district and parish council bt visiting our other councils page.