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Glossop Transport and Economy Project

A pilot study project is currently being developed for Glossop, which aims to understand the impact that local transport has on the local economy of the town.

A road in Glossop

The overall aim of the study is to assist in transport scheme selection, by evaluating and ranking potential transport changes according to their effectiveness in supporting the local economy.

The study will also aim to provide an understanding as to what is meant by ‘local economy’ for Glossop and understand the links between this and local transport.

In a tight economic climate, it is increasingly important that local transport schemes provide the best outcome in terms of supporting local economies. The project is guided by the principles of the government's localism agenda and also by the outcomes of the Carbon Reduction Strategy.

The project phases include:

  1. To complete a literature review to evaluate the current methodologies for published studies and guidance which investigates the links between transport and local economies.

  2. Gaining a detailed understanding of how local transport in Glossop affects its local economy. This will involve consultation with stakeholders, businesses, retailers and shoppers. Local traffic data will be reviewed and local studies and publications referenced. The result of this phase of the project will be published once complete.

  3. The third phase of the project will use the information collated in phases 1 and 2 of the project to develop an evaluation tool, which will be used to assess the effectiveness of different transport schemes in terms of supporting local economies.

The information, principles and methodologies obtained through this pilot study and the resulting evaluation tool can then be cascaded to other locations across Derbyshire.