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Pegasus Crossings

A Pegasus crossing is a combination of a toucan and an equestrian crossing.

As with the toucan, the red/green man and cycle indicators can be mounted on the far side of the road from the crossing point; or could instead be positioned nearside adjacent to where pedestrians stand.

The equestrians are segregated from the pedestrians/cyclists and have their own crossing point, together with dedicated red/green horse symbol indicators. The push button demand units are mounted at two different heights giving horse riders the option of not having to dismount when operating the crossing.

The green man/cycle/horse symbols inform users when it is safe to cross the road. This can be accompanied by an audible signal. When the audible signal is not permitted for use, a tactile cone is provided under the push button unit. This rotates when the green symbols are lit.

The time allowed to cross the road is adjusted by overhead detectors which sense users on the crossing itself.