Social care research

Research is valuable to help understand what works well and what doesn't. It helps improve the experience of those who come into contact with social care, whether they're a service user, a carer, a supplier, a member of staff or someone simply interested in what we do. 

If you're thinking about doing some research that involves social care, our users, or our staff, you need to follow a process known as the Research Governance Framework.

This makes sure that any research undertaken protects those involved, is ethical, safe and robust in its approach. It also outlines the process surrounding the submission and consideration of research applications. 

The Department of Health's Research Governance Framework for Health and Social Care (second edition, 2005) (opens in a new window) outlines the rules for conducting research in this field, and makes sure proper processes are followed. It states:

''Proper governance of research is essential to ensure that the public can have confidence in, and benefit from, quality research in health and social care''.

All requests to undertake social care research must be submitted for consideration by the Derbyshire County Council Research Governance Panel before going ahead. 

To do this, you need to complete a Research Application Form which you will find attached to this page. 

The Research Application Guidance document is also attached and outlines the process in more detail, providing helpful information on what to include in your application. 

Research governance approval

  • Complete the application form, referring to the guidance.
  • Submit the completed application form to our Research Governance Panel along with supporting documentation.
  • The application will be considered by our Research Governance Panel before a decision is made as to whether or not it may proceed.
  • You may be asked to provide additional information or evidence, or modify your proposal before approval.
  • Research approval is given and research begins. Researchers must adhere to the Research Governance Framework throughout, demonstrating high regard for the wellbeing of participants at all times.
  • If your research application is rejected we will explain why. Of course, if approval is not given, the research must not go ahead.
  • Queries and clarifications that arise during the research itself must be directed to the relevant Research Governance Panel officer.
  • If changes are made to the research project after approval has been given, you must advise our Research Governance Panel as soon as possible; in certain circumstances a new application will need to be submitted for approval.
  • Once completed, a copy of the final research report must be submitted to our Research Governance Panel for final approval before it is officially signed off as adhering to the Research Governance Framework.

Research governance contacts

Adult Care

Liam Flynn
Tel: 01629 532424

Children's Services

Mandy Stafford-Wood
Tel: 01629 538095

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