Your health

We ensure that a wide range of services are on offer across Derbyshire to help improve your health.

Whether you're wanting help to stop smoking, want to find out ways to keep active or need support with mental health issues you can find out more information here.

Smoking support

If you're thinking of stopping smoking, or have tried in the past, you stand a better chance of quitting if you get support. There's plenty of help, support and advice to help you quit for good. Find out more on our tobacco and smoking pages.

Weight management and active lifestyles

Our Active Lifestyles team are on hand to help you manage your weight and keep active. They're involved in several schemes around the county that aim to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Find out more by visiting our weight management and active lifestyles pages.

You can also find out where to go to get a healthier eating option when out and about. Whether it's a low fat takeaway or a meal with less salt you'll find local businesses on our Heart of Derbyshire page.

Alcohol and drugs support

If you would like help tackling a problem with alcohol or drug misuse, you can find out more about where to go for help on our alcohol and drug support pages.

NHS health checks

If you're aged between 40 and 74 then you are entitled to a free NHS heath check every five years. These checks aim to reduce your chance of developing serious conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Learn more on our NHS health check page.

NHS screening programmes

There are currently five different adult screening programmes. These aim for prevention or early detection of cancer and other diseases. Children are also protected by a range of antenatal and new-born screening programmes. Learn more on our NHS screening page.

Sexual health

Our new sexual health service for Derbyshire combines contraception, sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment, HIV prevention and more. Learn more about sexual health services.

Mental health and wellbeing

Your mental health is every bit as important as your physical health. If you are concerned about your own, or a friend or family member's mental wellbeing then visit our mental health and wellbeing pages.

Children and young people's health

Making sure that children and young people have the best start in life is vital to ensure that they can reach their full potential. Find out more about the work we're doing around children's health on our starting and developing well pages.

Older people's health

Find out how to enjoy a healthy lifestyle no matter how old you are. There's lots of information about keeping you fit, safe and secure during later life. Visit our ageing well pages to learn more.


Find out about the free flu jab, childhood immunisations and more on our vaccinations page.

Workplace health

We're working closely with local employers to help them improve the health and wellbeing of their employees. Learn about our new Healthy Workplace scheme (opens in a new window) that we're launching.

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