Young people's mental health

We work with lots of different people to help children and young people in Derbyshire improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Everyone has concerns and worries at some point in their life but if you are feeling overwhelmed, unhappy or struggling to cope then you need to be able to speak to a trusted adult.

This can be a parent, a school nurse, a youth worker or a mental health worker. You can also visit your GP or your school may have counselling services.

All these people will take your concerns seriously and keep them confidential if you wish.

If you don't feel you are ready to speak to someone face to face just yet, then you can find lots of information online. You can find lots of help, support and advice from the following places.


Childline (opens in a new window) is the UK's free helpline for children and young people. It provides confidential telephone counselling service for any child with a problem. Call the free 24 hour helpline, tel: 0800 1111.


Samaritans (opens in a new window) volunteers listen in confidence to anyone in any type of emotional distress without judgment.

tel: 08457 90 90 90.

B-EAT youth helpline

B-EAT (opens in a new window) offers information, help and support for anyone affected by eating disorders. They also run online support groups and message boards.

tel: 0845 634 7650 Monday to Friday evenings between 4.30pm and 8.30pm and Saturdays between 1pm and 4.30pm.

Young Minds

Young Minds (opens in a new window) offers advice and information for young people about mental health conditions, medication and other mental health wellbeing issues.

There is also a parent's helpline.

Parents can email: and will receive an answer within three working days. Alternatively you can tel: 0808 802 5544 Monday to Friday between 9.30am and 4pm (free for mobiles and landlines).


Every year over 1600 young people take their own lives in the UK. Many thousands more contemplate suicide. Many harm themselves or suffer alone, afraid to speak openly about how they are feeling.

Papyrus aims to give young people hope and to prevent young suicide. Visit the Papyrus website (opens in a new window) or:

Self-harm Uk

Self- harm UK (opens in a new window) offers information and support around self-harm including an online support group.


If you have suffered a bereavement or other traumatic event in your life, this can sometimes lead to depression or anxiety. Find out where to go for emotional support and counselling.

Eating disorders

First Steps Derbyshire is Derbyshire's only eating disorders charity. The charity supports people all over Derbyshire and the surrounding areas who are affected by eating difficulties and disorders; this includes parents, partners and families.

Learn more First Steps and the help they offer (opens in a new window) or visit the First Steps Facebook page (opens in a new window).

First Steps have produced a short film about eating disorders and stigma (opens in a new window).

Derbyshire's specialist weight management service, Live Life Better Derbyshire (opens in a new window), can also help people to tackle bad eating habits, over eating and excess weight.

Safe Speak

Safe Speak is Relate Derby and Southern Derbyshire's counselling service for people aged nine to 19 and living in Derbyshire. They work in selected schools and other places across the county. The service is free and confidential. You can get in touch by calling, tel: 0800 093 5264 or 01332 349301 or visit the Safe Speak website (opens in a new window).

Rise Above

Rise Above (opens in a new window) is a site which offers help for young people on how to deal with personal and emotional issues. It's aimed at 11 to 16 year olds and tackles topics such as puberty, relationships, alcohol, self-harm, smoking, contraceptive choices, drugs, body confidence, peer pressure and mental health