Access to children's services records

You have a right to see personal information about your social care record held by us and it is our responsibility to keep it confidential.

Information we keep

When contact is made with us we record basic information such as:

  • basic details such as name, address and date of birth
  • information about your health, and situation at home
  • names and contact details of your close relatives and carers
  • notes and letters about the support we provide for you
  • other information that organisations such as health and care services tell us about your situation.

Our records include information on staff or agencies involved in providing services and may include details of individuals who come into contact with vulnerable children and young people.

How we use and store your information

Information is recorded on paper and/or held on computers. It is essential in helping to manage, plan, provide and improve services. In some cases it is a legal requirement subject to certain legal restrictions.

We are required to collect information on children and young people who are in need of care services or who are looked after by the local authority. All information we record and hold is processed securely and in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Seeing the records we hold about you

You have the right to apply to see records that we hold about you, if you make a written request. Your access to your information may be limited by legal restrictions.

Who else can see your records

You also have the right to arrange for someone else to see your records on your behalf, if you give permission for this in writing. This can include:

  • family members
  • Child Support Agency, Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) or Inland Revenue
  • Council Tax officers
  • the police.

How to access your social care record

If you want to make a request for information (opens in a new window), you should do this in writing.

Subject Access Requests (Children's Services)
Room 361
North Block
County Hall
Smedley Street

We will respond within a statutory maximum limit of 40 calendar days of receiving your full request, either with the information required, or with an explanation of any delays or refusal to supply the requested information.

Why your request might be rejected

We will provide the information requested if we have it, unless there is good reason for not doing so, for example where disclosure to you is not allowed under the law.


There is no charge to access your records. We will, however, require two forms of ID − one with a photograph (driving licence or passport) and one as proof of address (utilities bill or bank statement).

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