Why adopt in Derbyshire?

There are many reasons for deciding to adopt with Derbyshire. We offer an on-going support and care package that can continue long after the adoption has been finalised.

Support group

We have a support group for adoptive parents that meets every month at The Hub, South Normanton.
The group includes a social worker and a clinical psychologist and is an opportunity for parents to raise any issues they may have. The group also offers support and advice.

Monthly support appointments

Adoption support social workers provide monthly adoption support appointments in Buxton, Chesterfield, Ripley and Derby.
These are one hour long appointments for adopted people, adoptive parents and birth relatives to find out about services and receive information and guidance.

On-going work with families

Our help doesn't end when the adoption process is finalised. We can offer advice and support to families who adopted years ago and we work in partnership with schools, children's teams and others to provide a comprehensive structure of support.


We aim to provide two training workshop events for adoptive parents each year that deal with key issues highlighted by adopters and social workers.
Issues have included dealing with attachment difficulties, helping a child learn and how social networking sites are impacting on contact between adopted children and birth families.

Letterbox Scheme

Most adopted children will keep in contact with birth relatives via an annual Letterbox Scheme. This is usually by an exchange of letters and may help children to keep in touch with people in their birth family.
This is a confidential scheme and no actual addresses are revealed to either party. We offer help and support with the scheme.

Social events

Our adoption support team holds social events for adoptive families including a family fun day at Lea Green. The events help adoptive families to meet each other, develop friendships and offer support.

Family Matters e newsletter

This is a quarterly e newsletter sent to all adoptive families who have provided us with an email address. It gives up to date advice, information on current policies and support as well as updates on social events, training and more.

Educational Support

Our adoption support team provide support with a wide range of school related issues.  Advice is also available from the Virtual School Team whose role is to help schools provide appropriate care and learning to children who are or who have been in care.

Emotional Wellbeing

Where you, the adoptive parent, have discussed concerns about your child with an adoption support social worker, with your permission these concerns will be shared with the Horizons' clinical psychologist to gain advice on the best way forward.

Day to day support

In addition to the above we offer various other ways to help, guide and support you. These include signposting to other relevant agencies and working with them on your behalf. We work closely with multi-agency teams who can support a child who may be having difficulties.
To find out more about any of the services above contact the Adoption Support Team on 0800 083 7744 or email: adoption@derbyshire.gov.uk