How to apply for or renew Derbyshire Dignity Award Option 1

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You must achieve Option 1 before you can apply for Option 2.

What the award is and how long it lasts

Option 1 replaces the old bronze award and lasts for two years. It can then be extended for a further two years before you move to Option 2.

What you need to do

The Option 1 Application form and 10 Point Dignity Challenge are attached to this page. There are 10 sections of the application to complete about different areas of your care practice and procedures.

Your manager must be registered as a dignity champion. It is good practice for all members of your team to register as dignity champions (opens in a new window) through the national Dignity in Care website.

Complete the application form. You can do this as a team, each being responsible for providing examples or explanations for a different section. It's good practice to have this as a standing item on your team meetings and as part of staff supervision meetings. It shouldn't take longer than three months to gather the evidence and complete the application.

Who to send the application to

Send the completed application form to Chris Whittaker, email:

Help and advice

If you need a bit of advice or it would help to talk through what is needed then you can contact one of the team who support the campaign.

You may also find it helpful to have a look at the examples of successful award applications that are attached to this page.

What happens when you've submitted the application

Each month an assessment day is held. Assessments are undertaken by staff from both health and social care. At least two people assess each application, but if there is a difference of opinion a third assessor will adjudicate.

If there is sufficient evidence, then an operational check will be done. For this, health and social care professionals and teams are notified that you are being considered for the award. If they have any operational concerns about your organisation or team then they have seven days to raise them. If no concerns are received then you will be notified and issued your certificate.

If there are concerns raised then they will be discussed with you before a final decision is made about your application.

If you haven't provided sufficient evidence for the award you will be sent notes with suggestions about what you need to do before resubmitting your application for further consideration. Don't worry if you are asked to develop the information you have supplied, the important thing is that you are thinking about how to improve the experience of people's dignity.

There is no assessment visit for Option 1, the assessment is paper based.

Renewing your Option 1 award

Option 1 can be renewed only once.

As part of your initial application you will have commented in question four of each section, on areas you feel you could improve your practice and procedures. To renew your award for a further two years re-open your original application and comment under each of the criteria where you have developed or improved in providing a dignified and caring experience for your clients or patients.

Use either a different type-face, bold, or a different colour text to add your updated comments.

Complete the Covering Option 1 Referral Form and send it with your updated original application to Chris Whittaker, email:

If you currently hold the Bronze Award

If you still hold the former Bronze award and are renewing, it will be to Option 1. Your renewal application needs be on the new documentation attached to this page. Copy and paste the content from your previous application to the new one and then add your updates as above. If you send your renewal application on the wrong paperwork it will be returned to you. Some of the questions may be slightly different from the original format.

Submitting your application

Submit your application for renewal in the month prior to your current application expiring.

Send your renewal applications to Chris Whittaker, email:

When to start work on Option 2

It is expected that as soon as you have achieved your Option 1 renewal, you start planning and working on your Option 2 award project. You can start working on Option 2 as soon as you've achieved Option 1 if you would prefer. If you don't pursue Option 2 award, or have not started in enough time to plan, implement and review a project, then you will have to start a new Option 1 application.

Removal of the award

If at any time operational information is received, that throws into question whether you are treating your clients or patients with dignity and respect, the campaign organisers reserve the right to withdraw the award, until clear evidence exists that the necessary service improvements have taken place.

You must take down your certificate if your award expires.

If you receive the Quality Premium payment from us, you must hold a current dignity award.

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