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Guide to adult care

An overview of Adult Care services. Includes information on preventative services, assessments and how to access care and support services.

Guide to Carers Services

Helps you to identify if you are a carer, what support services are available, how to access an assessment and apply for a Carers Emergency Card.

Guide to Dementia Services

Explains what dementia is, how to access the Dementia Support Service and provides contact details of other helpful services.

Keeping Adults Safe

Explains what abuse or neglect is, and what to do if you have concerns.

First Contact Signposting Scheme

Explains how the scheme works, who is eligible and how to access the services provided by the First Contact partner agencies. First Contact puts people in touch with local services that support their independence, health and wellbeing. Hardcopies of this leaflet include a pull out referral form.

Guide to Handy Van Services

Explains what services are available through the Handy Van network, who is eligible and how to access the service.

Guide to Mental Health and Wellbeing

Advice and information on how to improve mental health and wellbeing, what to do in a crisis and the support services available in Derbyshire.

Helping You to Regain Your Independence

An overview of the Re-ablement Service, how it works and how to access an assessment for the service. Re-ablement is a short term service aiming to help people regain living skills following an illness, fall or hospital admission etc.

Care Services Directory

Annually produced directory listing registered nursing, residential and home care services. Also contains information on a range of preventative services and paying for care.

Derbyshire County Council Residential Care Homes

What you can expect from us if you choose a Derbyshire County Council home care service. Also explains how to access the service, including paying for home care.

Derbyshire County Council Day Activity Services for Older People

What you can expect from us if you choose a Derbyshire County Council day service for older people. Also explains how to access the service, including paying for day care.

Derbyshire County Council Home Care Services

What you can expect from us if you choose a Derbyshire County Council home care service. Also explains how to access the service, including paying for home care.

Comments, Compliments and Complaints – Putting People First

A form you can use to give feedback on our services. Includes details of other ways to contact us.

Need a Bit of Help at Home?

For those you might find that they are starting to need some support to remain living at home. Contains information on a number of free and paid for services to help you.

Independent Financial Advice

Information on how to access independent financial advice to find suitable and cost effective ways to pay for care and support.

Pocket guide to spotting scams

information about different types of scams, how to spot if someone is a scam victim and how to help them. Also has details of organisations who can give support and investigate scams.

Deferred Payment Scheme

Explains how the scheme can help if you have to pay the full cost of your residential care, but cannot afford to pay the full weekly charge because the majority of your capital is tied up in your home.

Co-funding Arrangements for Non-Residential Services

Explains what co-funding is, which services it applies to and how contributions are calculated and can be paid.

Paying for Residential Care

General information about paying for residential care and how financial contributions are calculated.

Derbyshire Falls Alert Service

Helps identify if you are at risk of falling, how to get help and prevent falls, including the Telecare service.

Independent Living Through Telecare Solutions

Information on all the different telecare options available to keep you safe in your home 24 hours a day.

Derbyshire Dignity Campaign

Information about the campaign to ensure all social care and health service providers in Derbyshire treat people with dignity and respect.

Choice and Control Charter

Explains the rights of people with a learning disability to be in control of their lives and make their own choices. This is an Easy Read publication.

Community Connectors - Easy Read

A service to help people with a learning disability remain active and involved in their local community. This is an Easy Read publication.

Community Connectors - service information

How to access the Community Connecter Service which helps people with a learning disability remain active and involved in their local community.

Disability Employment – Health and Support Project

A service to help those with long term health or mental health needs to start work for the first time or remain in work.

Disability Employment Service – Looking for a Job?

A service to support disabled people to find training, work experience, volunteering opportunities or paid work.

Disability Employment Service – Information about Employment Support for Students

A service to help disabled students find training, work experience, voluntary or paid work.

Hospital Discharge

Information about the process and options available on your discharge from hospital.

Derbyshire Discretionary Fund

How to access a financial fund that may be able to help if you are in an emergency or crisis situation. The fund may also be able to assist if you need help to continue to live an independent life or cope with exceptional pressure.

Direct Payments Information Pack

Explains what a Direct Payment is, who can have one, how to get one and how to use a Direct Payment.

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