Direct payments in Derbyshire

A direct payment is when we give you money instead of a service. You use it to buy your own care and support.

It's a different way of getting the support you need.

If you need support and are eligible for social care you can request a direct payment.

You can use a direct payment to buy support which meets your eligible needs and achieves your agreed outcomes. The outcomes will be documented in your care and support plan.

If you'd like a direct payment, but are worried about being able to manage one, you can request to have a direct payment managed by someone else on your behalf. This person would be your nominee.

Where a person in need of care and support does not have the mental capacity to request a direct payment, someone else, such as a family member can request a direct payment on their behalf. If agreed, this person becomes the authorised person.

How to get a direct payment

If you don't currently get a service from us, you'll need an assessment for social care. Please contact Call Derbyshire to request an assessment, tel: 01629 533190.

If you already receive care and support, please contact your allocated worker.

Benefits of a direct payment

A direct payment can be used to buy care and support. You spend the money on meeting the outcomes of your care and support plan.

It's a different way of getting the support you need. You use it to buy the help you need.

If you choose to have a direct payment, money is paid into a separate bank account. A direct payment doesn't affect your entitlement to any other state or disability related benefits.

However, you may still be required to contribute to the cost of your care. We call this co-funding. Anyone who receives a service from us will be assessed and may have to contribute to the cost of their care, whether they receive a service or a direct payment.

If you get a direct payment you can get help with:

  • managing money
  • finding a personal assistant
  • paying personal assistants
  • employing personal assistants.

Disability Derbyshire Coalition for Inclusive Living (DCIL) (opens in a new window) offers a direct payment support service which can help you. Tel: 01773 740246.

Direct payment overview

Direct payments are a good way for you to take more control of your life. You choose what services you use, when you use them and who you get them from.

Direct payments can be used flexibly, using more time one week and less the next.

You can have a managed bank account to help with the paperwork.

You can choose who is your personal assistant or support worker if you have a direct payment. This can be anyone, even family as long as they don't live with you.

Direct payments give you control over your support.

With a direct payment you can set advance instructions for how you want to be supported if you're not well.

Direct payments can be used to meet your individual outcomes in a way that suits you, at a time that suits you.

As well as giving flexibility and choice a direct payment gives you (or someone acting on your behalf) the responsibility for making the arrangements and keeping within the agreed budget.

Forms and documents about direct payments are attached to this page.

You can also find out about direct payments for disabled children and young people.

Contact us

If you need more information or have a comment or question about direct payments, you can contact us:

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