Personal care and support

There are a number of different options if you want help with personal care at home.


If you want personal care to help you live at home or get out and about these are your options:

What personal assistants or home care services do

Professional carers have a variety of skills. Some have nursing and first aid qualifications and other may be home helps or personal assistants. Examples of the type of tasks they may undertake are:

  • cooking and cleaning
  • help with personal care like washing and using the toilet
  • driving or help with getting around
  • medical tasks like giving injections or changing a catheter
  • shopping, banking and paying bills.

Both types of service will help you maintain your independence and remain living within your own home. The option you choose depends on your needs and preference for employing services directly or through an agency.

Disability Derbyshire Coalition for Inclusive Living advertise personal assistant vacancies (opens in a new window). If you want to use their service to advertise for the PA vacancy you are offering then please either use the link above or call them on 01773 740246.

Paying for personal care

If you're a self-funder the payment will be a private transaction between you and the provider.

If you've had an assessment and been awarded a personal budget or direct payment from us you can choose to spend some of it on personal care.

If you want to access our home care service you'll need to have an assessment. Your assessment will be line with our eligibility criteria. You'll have a support plan that will be reviewed annually or more frequently if your needs change.

Help to find a service

You don't need an assessment to arrange and purchase your own services from a provider if you're funding care yourself. You can use any of the following groups or lists to help you find a service provider:

The CQC website will contain an inspection report on individual home care agencies.

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