Are you at risk of falling?

Falls may be caused by a combination of factors such as the side effects of medication, slippery floors, ill health and something as simple as stumble. If you suffer a fall it can reduce your confidence and effect your mobility. There are a number of services available in Derbyshire to help protect you or reduce the chance of falling.

Derbyshire Falls Alert Service (FAST)

If you do have a fall it's important that you are able to alert someone so you can get help quickly.

Our falls alert service offers a 24 hour home safety system which incorporates telecare sensors and a response service:

  • a sensor that is worn around the waist, which can detect if you fall
  • a bed sensor - that detects when you have got out of bed and automatically switches a bedside light on for you.

If either of these alarms are activated someone will contact you to check you're safe. If you've fallen they can alert a response team to help you. You'll be able to speak to the response team through a speaker system, so you won't need to worry about trying to get to the telephone.

The response team of a trained people will be able to use specialist equipment to lift you from the floor safely if needed. The service can make a real difference to your life in maintaining independence and also giving support to family and carers.

The home safety package is available to all Derbyshire residents. The package of telecare equipment is free and has a monitoring cost, payable by you for £2.50 week (that's just 36p per day). The Derbyshire Handy Van Service will install the equipment and can carry out a wellbeing check to advise of potential hazards in your home.

If you want more information on this service and for the contact details of your local provider, please contact Call Derbyshire tel: 01629 533190.

Strictly no falling!

'Strictly no falling' provides physical activity sessions that aim to improve an individual's strength, balance and co-ordination, to reduce their risk of falling.

The programme is provided in partnership between our public health team, Derbyshire Community Health Services, Age UK Derby and wider partners such as district and borough councils, housing associations, leisure providers and the voluntary sector.

Age UK Derby and Derbyshire (opens in a new window) list sessions. The younger you are when to start to take advantage of these sessions, the better. But it's never too late to start.

Look out for sessions which display the Strictly No Falling logo. They've been approved as suitable to help prevent falls.

To find out more about these sessions, or to get support please contact our falls prevention activity advisors, who'll be able to help you.

Saga Get Up and Go - a guide to staying steady

Saga have produced a guide to help prevent falls. It is attached to this page. The guide has top tips on preventing falls, including advice on fall-proofing your home, avoiding falls while out and about, exercises you can do to improve balance and what to do if you fall and can't get up.

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