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Support for carers during COVID-19

We recognise that for many of you, there will be concerns about looking after someone else at this time.

You may have concerns about the wellbeing of person you care for, your wellbeing, or both.

You may be working from home, caring with less additional support, or coping with additional care needs due to the circumstances.

You may be concerned about someone else who you know is in a caring role. You may also be a cared-for person who has concerns about your wellbeing at this time.

This page contains a list of support lines and websites to provide you guidance at this time – whatever your situation.

Carer Support

If you are a carer you may be thinking about the support available for both the cared-for person, and yourself.

Carers UK

Carers UK is a comprehensive website with tips on a range of topics such as protecting cared-for people as well as information for carers that work.

Carers in Derbyshire

Carers in Derbyshire has lots of information for local carers, including emergency planning and contacts, looking after people with different conditions, online carer groups, benefits for carers and wellbeing advice.

Derbyshire Carers Association

Derbyshire Carers Association offer a wide range of confidential and independent services to support you as a carer, email

Supporting someone living with dementia

The Derbyshire Dementia Support Service are continuing to provide information, support and guidance to those who need it. You can contact the service by email: or on tel: 01332 208845.

Alzheimer’s Society have published information on coronavirus for people affected by dementia. They have information on activities, supporting people from a distance, and support individuals living with you (or alone).

For advice on coping without day centres or face-to-face support groups, you can visit Dementia UK.

Dementia Carers Count have set up a virtual carers centre, offering a range of support at this time.

For general advice on supporting someone living with dementia at home, particularly if you are now providing more caring support the NHS has a dementia guide. For example, things that may help at mealtimes.

The Living Well with Dementia programme has been developed by Derbyshire Community Health Services and Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trusts for those who are currently unable to provide their face to face group sessions due to COVID-19.

Support lines

The Alzheimer’s society have a helpline you can call for further advice tel: 0300 222 11 22

To connect and talk with other people affected by dementia, you can visit the Alzheimer’s Society online community Talking Point.

You can also speak to a dementia specialist Admiral Nurse at Dementia UK, tel: 0800 888 6687.

Supporting someone with autism

We recognise that this unprecedented period of change and disruption is very difficult for many autistic people, and their families. We have lots of information about autism and local services.

Emotional health and wellbeing

If you are feeling anxious, worried or overwhelmed at the moment we have information to support your emotional health and wellbeing.


For online counselling and support you can visit Qwell.