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Early help development team

As part of the early help review in 2019, a team was established to support partner agencies, who are predominantly schools, to develop and deliver their own early help interventions. This team is known as the early help development team (formerly the transition team).

Early help advisors within the team can support partner agencies to undertake early help work, to deliver evidenced based interventions, undertake team around the family meetings and to capture the voice of the child. It's important to say that the advisors don't work directly with families - they support partner agency practitioners to work with families.

The advisors have developed a rich programme of briefing sessions to support partners including:

  • children at risk of exploitation (CRE)
  • genograms and ecomaps
  • early help assessments and team around the family meetings
  • graded care profile
  • understanding thresholds
  • voice of the child
  • autism awareness
  • understanding anxiety (jointly delivered with CAMHS)

The early help development team is also in place to support communities to develop, deliver and sustain services to support children and young people - so there is a real focus on community development. The youth and community engagement workers have developed a community directory for families with a range of services and support on offer. This is designed to help partners to connect families up with the right support without needing to refer the family on.

Within the early help development team sits the employment and education ream. They fulfil Derbyshire's statutory duty to monitor 16 to 18-year-olds who are not in education, employment or training, or whose educational provision is unknown. The team works closely with schools to ensure that all current Year 11 pupils have a post-16 destination recorded.

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