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Health and wellbeing for foster carers

Tips for foster carers to look after yourself. Do you know who is there to share your concerns?

two men and two children in a field

Talk about it. You can talk to your supervising social worker (SSW), other foster carers, friends and family.

Our occupational health service is open to all of our foster carers. It offers individual support and up to 6 face to face counselling sessions. Tel: 01629 536954 or 01629 536969 (office hours).

Foster Talk 24-hour counselling helpline, tel: 01527 836910.

We all need a little extra support at times. That's why we offer a round-the-clock confidential counselling helpline that's delivered by a team of clinically trained and qualified experts who are British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) accredited.

Offering a confidential, professional telephone counselling service can help foster families proactively manage stress and help overcome emotional issues, by providing immediate emotional support, advice and practical information, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

All members of the fostering household can phone FosterTalk's counselling helpline, where the frequency and duration of all calls is unlimited. Members can call about any matter whether or not it's related to fostering.

You can:

  • share phone numbers with other foster carers and create your own support networks - use your mentor or ask your SSW for one
  • go to support groups - your chance to support each other
  • take time out - fostering is hard work - you're entitled to a break
  • talk to your GP, who can refer to relevant counselling services
  • do simple relaxation techniques - walk, bath, yoga, Pilates
  • use your leisure pass - healthy body equals healthy mind
  • visit Sure Start and children's centres
  • find out about welfare fights and benefits
  • do mental health activities such as mindfulness