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Specialist services for disabled children

Looking after a disabled child or young person can cause significant stress at times. Some families may need higher levels of support to maintain an ordinary family life. Sometimes this will be for a few weeks or months to overcome a difficult time. Sometimes it will be for longer.

The specialist disabled children's service will usually only be involved where a child or young person has significant disability or impairment and there is also an additional need. For example:

  • parent, family support or sibling support
  • promoting independence and social development
  • child protection
  • prevention of coming into care or being placed away from home

Service can only be provided as part of an agreed plan following an assessment. Usually this will be a social care assessment.

Any assessment will always include the wishes and feelings of the child or young person, and the views of parents and carers.

Once the assessment has been completed, any support identified as required will be discussed at the resource allocation meeting. The resource allocation meeting will consider how services will be funded and who will provide them.

Information will be shared in accordance with others involved in an assessment. You should receive a privacy notice which shows how your information will be stored, who it might be shared with and how to see what information is kept.

You should also receive a copy of our compliments, complaints and praise leaflet.

If a disabled child or young person needs high levels of support related to their disabilities, more than one agency may be involved, for example health, education and social care. This may mean that your child could be assessed for an education health and care plan (EHCP).