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Foster carer training and support

Promoting the training and development of foster carers is an essential part of delivering an excellent fostering service.

The children we look after deserve the best possible care and this is best achieved by having well supported and well trained foster carers.

The task of fostering can be very complex and demanding and the challenges faced when caring for children are ever changing.

The training and development of foster carers is split into different phases:

  • Pre-approval - using the 'Skills to Foster' training pack during the assessment process. This happens before you are approved as a foster carer.
  • Induction - this is the completion of the training and development standards workbook for first year foster carers.
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) - this is ongoing training, provided throughout your time as a foster carer.

Some of our training will not be relevant to everyone and training needs will change depending on the age and stage of development of the child cared for.

All Derbyshire foster carers are required to undertake regular and ongoing learning and we expect three elements of learning to be completed during each review year.

Your supervising social worker will complete an annual training and development plan which will help identify the learning most appropriate to your own circumstances and skills level.

Following a successful year of fostering and completion of the learning identified in the annual training and development plan, you will be eligible for a review bonus.

Any training attended should be recorded in your training record and be presented at your annual review.

Your supervising social worker will need to prepare a report on the training you have undertaken, so it’s important you keep a record of any dates and certificates of attendance.

There is a wide range of training opportunities available to new and experienced carers. You can find out more about the training on offer in the Derbyshire Training Brochure attached to this page.

Derbyshire Learning Pool - online learning

Online training and courses are available to all foster carers. Please contact your supervising social worker or Clare Robinson, email: or tel: 01629 538427 for your username and password.