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Adoption assessment stage two

At the beginning of stage two your assessing social worker will complete an Adoption Assessment Agreement with you, setting out dates for interview appointments and a proposed date for your approval to be considered by the Adoption Panel.

You will be required to attend a further half-day preparation training during stage two.

Your assessing social worker will write a report known as a Prospective Adopters Report (PAR). You will have the opportunity to read it and any comments you have will be recorded within the report.

Your adoption worker will also make a number of visits to you at home. If you are adopting as a couple you will both be seen separately at least once.

If you are already parents your children's views are important so they will be asked their opinions too.

You will be given homework to prepare you for this important change in your life. There will be background reading and worksheets for you to complete.

Suggested additional reading is available in the related documents section of this website, as well as magazines and the opportunity to meet people who have adopted.

You will need to do some research into what amenities are available in your local area such as health centres, schools, clubs and activities for young people.

Attachment style interviews

A decision will be made whether an attachment style interview will need to be part of your assessment.

  • predicts the levels of support you may need, particularly in times of placement stress
  • helps us understand your support networks, relationships and resilience
  • helps with placement matching

This interview forms part of the overall assessment process. The attachment style interview:

Your assessing social worker will give you more information about this if they plan to ask you to take part in one.

Sometimes towards the end of the assessment a second opinion visit will also be carried out by another adoption social worker.

Your Prospective Adopters Report will then be presented to the Adoption Panel which you will have the opportunity to read.

The next step will be the Adoption Panel.