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After approval

Once you have been approved as an adoptive parent by the Adoption Panel and Agency Decision Maker we can start the process of finding a child suitable for you.

The information in this section tells you what to expect and how long it may take to find the right child. 

Find a child 

After the approval stage your report will be read by social workers who are looking for families for their children in care in Derbyshire. 

In addition your details may be passed to other adoption agencies for consideration. You will be able to consider children from other parts of the country who want adoptive families. 

The wait and search for the right child can be a long one. You may need to be prepared to consider a number of children before everyone concerned is happy to move towards the child actively joining your family. 

It is impossible to say how long it will be before the right child is matched, but we are committed to finding the right child for you as quickly as possible. Once a child is identified for you a report is presented to the Adoption Panel for approval. 


Together we will plan a period of introduction between the child and you, their new family. 

This is usually a gradual build-up of visits and possibly overnight stays to help you and the child to get to know each other. 

When the child is with you, you will be supported by your social worker and regular reviews will monitor progress. You will be kept up to date with any legal proceedings which have to be resolved before an application for an adoption order can be made.

An application for an adoption order can be made at any point after a child has been placed with you for a minimum of 10 weeks.

Your social worker will assist you in making your application and we pay the court fee. 

Beyond adoption 

Once the adoption order is made and you have become the child's legal parent, there is no requirement for a social worker to remain involved.

This may signal the end of our involvement but we want you to feel you can contact us at any time if you need to. There is also an adoption support service should you require it. 

Most children maintain links with past carers and their birth parents. This is usually postal contact and it is managed by us. It is confidential and we offer help writing letters if you want it. For more about contact arrangements visit the contact web pages.