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Making adult care referrals - information for professionals

Information for GPs, health workers and other professionals about the methods available to refer patients and clients to adult care for advice, information and assessment of their care needs.

Ways to make a referrals to adult care

You can make an adult care referral to Call Derbyshire by:

  • using our online referral forms (our preferred method)
  • secure email or fax to the appropriate area office (contact details listed on this page)
  • tel: 01629 533190

Call Derbyshire is open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and from 9.30am to 4pm on Saturdays. We provide an out of hours service for some areas including social care.

Please read the guidance on this page to help you choose the correct referral method.

Routine referral

To make a referral you need to provide sufficient information for a judgement to be made and for us to identify the most appropriate worker to respond. Our adult contact referral forms will enable you to do this. Please ensure you consider the continuing healthcare criteria before referring.

We'd like you to use our adult contact referral forms if the referral is routine, that is:

  • a request is made for an assessment
  • the client's needs are not urgent
  • the client's needs have been increasing over a period of time
  • the client's consent has been given

You can also use the referral forms if a speedier response is required, that is:

  • an assessment needing a response within 24 to 48 hours (this could be up to 72 hours in some circumstances)
  • the client already has some informal support but there's an imminent risk of breakdown
  • there's no social care intervention

Please state on the referral form if you believe the referral needs a response within 48 hours.

We'll try to review all incoming online, email and fax referrals within 24 to 48 hours (that is on the next working day). But this could be up to 72 hours if the referral is submitted late on a Friday, over the weekend or before a bank holiday.

We aim to begin all assessments within 28 days (this isn't guaranteed) but will respond quicker if we assess that the situation requires us to do so.

Submitting adult contact referral forms online

Ideally we'd like you to use our online referral forms.

Please make sure you use the correct form.

After submitting the form successfully you'll be shown a summary of your referral. It's advised that you print or save the summary for your records.

You should receive an email to confirm the referral has been submitted successfully. Once the referral is received and opened by the appropriate area office, you should receive a second email to confirm receipt. These emails are confirmations only and will not contain details of the referral.

Submitting adult contact referral forms by email and fax

If you can't use our online adult contact referral forms you can submit a routine referral by email or fax using the Microsoft Word versions of the GP only, health professional or multi-agency adult contact referral forms. These are attached to this page.

Please send the completed form to the appropriate area office using the GCSX email address or fax number listed on this page. Please only email the referral to the area secure GCSX if you are using a compatible secure email system such as, PNN, CJSM or GCSX. Please do not send personal information to us from a non-secure email system.

Urgent - same day response

To be used when:

  • the client is in crisis and at risk of harm
  • there is no social care intervention
  • a client or carer's consent has been given

Refer by contacting Call Derbyshire, tel: 01629 533190.

In this situation please do not use the adult contact referral forms as the referrals may not be processed until the next working day.

Urgent - same day response - out of hours

Should GPs or health professionals need to make an urgent referral out of hours, with a same day response required, please contact adult care out of hours, tel: 01629 532600. In this situation please do not use the online form as the referral will not be processed until the next working day.

GCSX contact numbers

Amber Valley
Fax: 01773 745687

Fax: 0115 930 3058

Bolsover (north and mid)
North fax: 01246 813197
South fax: 01623 742173

Fax: 01246 554712

North East Derbyshire
South fax: 01246 862116
Mid fax: 01246 515469
North fax: 01246 813197

High Peak
South and mid fax: 01298 308150
North Fax: 01457 858908

South Derbyshire
North and south fax: 01283 819719

Derbyshire Dales
North fax: 01629 535831
South fax: 01335 344872 (shares a GCSX mail box with High Peak)

Single point of access (SPA) referrals

These referrals should go straight to your SPA team. Provide them with sufficient information to enable an urgent service to support a client to remain at home. For when:

  • without the referral there would be a need to admit to an acute hospital
  • the client or carer's consent has been given
  • the client is aware of your contact with adult care and that the referral will trigger a telephone contact and may result in a home visit