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Apply for or renew Derbyshire Dignity Award Option 2

Applying for or renewing Derbyshire Dignity Award Option 2.

What Option 2 is

Option 2 is a project based award. It assumes that you are already getting the basics right having held Option 1 for four years before going on to this level. Option 2 replaces the old Silver Award.

When you need to start

You need to start selecting and planning a project based piece of work as soon as you have achieved the renewal of your Option 1 Award. You can move straight to working on Option 2 once you've achieved Option 1, if you prefer.

This is a good time to check that all staff are registered as Dignity Champions

What you need to do

Complete and email the Option 2 initial and renewal application form attached to this page to a month before your current award expires.

There is no need to send in full evidence of the project, just:

  • make it clear you are ready for an assessment site visit
  • what your piece of work is about, who it involves (both users of the service and staff), what it is achieving and how it will be sustained
  • a brief outline of the process you have gone through to get up and running, that is, consultation, testing, modification of the project

Each month an assessment day is held. Both health and social care staff consider the applications. Two people look at each application.

The paper assessment will decide if your submission demonstrates you are ready for an assessment visit.

A site visit will be arranged and this will be your opportunity to show your project to a social care or health professional like yourself, who is keen to know more.

You will need to evidence your research/origin of the idea, how it was discussed with clients and staff and review its success following implementation.

Discuss at a team meeting and/or client or resident group meeting what project you will pursue for the award. Often ideas for the project come from comments, enquiries or complaints from your client or patient group.

Like any project you will need to research if the project subject is wanted or valued by your services users, implement it, review it and get feedback before making your submission.

You need to consider which of the 10 Dignity Challenge points your project addresses.

The Option 2 can also promote initiatives such as social care commitment, Quality Always, National Pensioners Dignity Code and Care Makers.

If you are unsure if your idea will be suitable or adequate then you can contact us or take a look at the examples of successful award applications attached to this page.

How often Option 2 can be renewed

This will depend on the project you have chosen. Most awards can be renewed once using the same project, but this may vary. If you have exhausted all new benefits to be gained, or further developments to be made from a piece of work, you would need to look at another project.

Removal of the award

If at any time operational information is received, that throws into question whether you are treating your clients or patients with dignity and respect, the campaign organisers reserve the right to withdraw the award, until clear evidence exists that the necessary service improvements have taken place.

If you receive the Quality Premium payment from us, you must hold a current Dignity Award.