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Community alarms and telecare

Community alarms and telecare can help you to live safely at home.

Community alarms

Community alarms systems have a wristband or pendant you wear which connects to a telephone line through a base unit. If you need help, for instance if you have fallen or you feel unwell, you can trigger a call for help by pressing the button on the pendant or wristband. The call will go to a monitoring centre who will be able to speak to you through a speaker in the base unit and get you the help you need. This could be contacting a family member or neighbour for you or calling an ambulance.

There is usually a charge for community alarms, how much will depend on your local provider:

  • Amber Valley tel: 0300 4562531
  • Bolsover tel: 01246 242309
  • Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire tel: 0300 3230076
  • Derbyshire Dales and Erewash tel: 03330 143389
  • High Peak tel: 01298 813395
  • South Derbyshire tel: 01283 228789


Telecare sensors help to manage some of the risks associated with living independently. If a sensor detects a problem, an alert is automatically generated and sent to a carer, family member or response centre. This can help prevent a minor problem from turning into a crisis.

Telecare can help if you're worried about:

  • feeling safe at home
  • the consequences of falling
  • becoming forgetful

The telecare service can provide peace of mind for you and your carers and is able to provide assistance whenever required 24 hours per day.

There are a range of difference telecare sensors to meet different needs, more details will be given by your local provider. Some of the sensors available include:

  • motion sensors can reduce the likelihood of accidents and falls occurring by automatically switching on a light when you get out of bed
  • gas and water sensors can be used to alert if you’ve not turned off the tap or cooker
  • sensors which can detect if you’ve fallen
  • sensors can be placed on a front door to alert a carer if you’ve left home without anyone knowing

What telecare involves

To access the telecare service you'll need a telephone line and a nearby mains socket for the Lifeline unit. Most sensors are wireless and battery powered and will be provided and installed for you.

How telecare works

When a sensor detects a problem, for example a fall, it sends a signal to the Lifeline unit. This unit automatically dials the response centre. The specially trained staff can speak to the user via the speaker on the Lifeline and arrange appropriate assistance. This may involve calling a carer, a mobile warden or the emergency services.

How to access telecare

Telecare can form part of a care and support package or can be arranged privately. If you already have a care and support package in place, speak to your adult care worker.

If you haven't got a package, please contact your local community alarm provider, or ring Call Derbyshire on tel: 01629 533190 to request an assessment.