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Telecare helps to manage some of the risks associated with independent living. Alerts are automatically generated when there's a problem. An appropriate response ensures that a minor problem is prevented from turning into a crisis.

Telecare can help if you're worried about:

  • feeling safe at home
  • the consequences of falling
  • becoming forgetful

The telecare service provides peace of mind for users and their carers and is able to provide assistance whenever required 24 hours a day.

The service consists of four main parts:

  • sensors that generate an alert when there's a problem
  • a lifeline that receives the alert and automatically dials for help
  • a response centre that receives the call
  • an appropriate response to help assist with the problem

There are a range of difference telecare sensors to meet different needs, for example to alert when you have fallen or when smoke or gas is detected. More details will be given by your provider.

What will telecare involve?

To access the telecare service you'll need a telephone line and a nearby mains socket for the Lifeline unit. Most sensors are wireless and battery powered and will be provided and installed for you.

How does telecare work?

When a sensor detects a problem, for example a fall, it sends a signal to the Lifeline unit. This unit automatically dials the response centre. The specially trained staff can speak to the user via the speaker on the Lifeline and arrange appropriate assistance. This may involve calling a carer, a mobile warden or the emergency services.

What happens next?

If you're willing to have the telecare service and your care provider thinks you're eligible they'll discuss this with colleagues and a decision will be made. You'll receive a letter telling you the results of this and any financial contribution you'll need to make.

If the decision is positive you'll be contacted by your local community alarm provider who will arrange installation and discuss all the details with you. If you're willing to go ahead you'll be asked to sign an agreement and the telecare provision will go ahead.

If the decision is made that you're not eligible for our telecare you'll receive a letter explaining this, giving you information about who to contact if you wish to get the service privately.

If you have any questions or your relatives or carers have any queries, or you want to find out more information about how to access telecare, you should contact Call Derbyshire tel: 01629 533190.

Derbyshire Falls Alert Service

We also offer a Derbyshire Falls Alert Service, which provides additional support and reassurance if you're at risk of falling.