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Local area co-ordination in Derbyshire

Local area co-ordination is currently working in communities in the Bolsover, Amber Valley and High Peak areas.

Local Area Coordination NetworkLocal area co-ordination is a way of supporting people with disabilities, mental ill health, older people and their families and carers. It aims to help them to live fulfilling lives, stay safe and be well connected with their local communities.

Workers called local area co-ordinators (LACs) can help you access and use services, get information and other support you need in your own local area. They can also work with you if you are at risk of becoming dependent on services or in danger of reaching a crisis situation. Local area co-ordinators can help you to build connections with other people, groups and community based services, helping you become more independent and part of your local community.

What local area co-ordinators do

LACs will find out what's important to you by listening to what you have to say.

Your LAC will start by asking you:

  • What does a good life look like to you?
  • What do you think will make your life better or more complete?

Then they will try and help you find your own ways to get the life you want. Local area co-ordination is different because it asks what you want, rather than trying to fit you into a service that already exists, which you might not actually want.

How local area co-ordination works

Your LAC is based in your community and will be a named person who you can contact and see locally.

Your LAC will:

  • take time to get to know you and build a trusting relationship
  • listen to your vision of a good life - what would make your life better and the steps needed to achieve this
  • support you and your family and carers to get the information and advice you need
  • help you to identify your strengths, skills and abilities
  • help you become more resilient, connected and involved in your community
  • support you to meet new people or reconnect with others you may have lost touch with
  • help you to get your voice heard, for example, to speak to organisations and professionals

Where local area co-ordination is working in Derbyshire

Local area co-ordination in Derbyshire is growing. It started in Belper and Duffield and is currently working in the following areas:

  • Creswell, Whitwell, Hodthorpe and Belph - text or tel: 0797 090 6282
  • South Normanton and Pinxton - text or tel: 0797 090 5593
  • Belper Central and Belper East - text or tel: 0797 395 4196
  • Belper South, Milford, Makeney, Duffield and Holbrook - text or tel: 0797 072 5018
  • Hadfield, Simmondley, Whitfield, Charlesworth and Chisworth - text or tel: 0781 614 0435
  • Ripley East, Codnor, Waingroves, Cross Hill, Denby Common and Loscoe - text or tel: 0781 199 5699
  • Ripley West, Coxbench, Denby Bottles, Denby Village, Marehay, Kilburn, Horsley and Horsley Woodhouse text or tel: 0797 072 5015

If you live in one of these communities and would like more information, please call or text the appropriate number.

To get in touch and find out more, email: