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Derbyshire Trusted Befriending Network

Befriending services are offered through voluntary organisations. They provide opportunities for social interaction if you are feeling isolated through illness, disability, mental illness, old age or social disadvantage.

A befriender can offer you:

  • someone to talk to who will listen to you
  • someone to go out for a coffee or tea with
  • someone to share a leisure activity with
  • someone to attend a group with you

Derbyshire Trusted Befriending Network ensures that isolated and vulnerable adults across Derbyshire are able to find befriending services. The network is made up of different organisations across the county who can provide befriending services.

All organisations who are part of the network have been quality-approved, so people accessing these services can be confident that they are safe and well run.

The Trusted Befriending Network is managed by South Derbyshire Community and Voluntary Service (CVS) and they maintain directory of trusted befriending providers in Derbyshire. The directory is attached to this page and you can use it to find befriending services in your area.

Be a befriender

You could become a befriender as a volunteer. If you are interested in finding out more please email: or tel: 01283 219761.

Become a befriending champion

You can apply to be a befriending champion if you work or volunteer in a community setting or are a member of a community group or club. You need to enjoy talking to and listening to people from all walks of life. Please contact South Derbyshire CVS if you are interested.

Become part of the Trusted Befriending Network as an organisation

Membership of the Derbyshire Trusted Befriending Network is free. It is open to any organisation delivering befriending services in Derbyshire. Members must have achieved, or be working towards, the Derbyshire Trusted Befriending Network quality standard. Please contact the network co-ordinator:

Tel: 01283 219761

New research shows the value of befriending

Our Trusted Befriending Network has launched the findings of new research into the value and impact of voluntary befriending services.

The report, Befriending in Derbyshire - An Independent Assessment of its Value and Impact, found that:

  • loneliness and isolation does not just make people unhappy − it also has a serious impact on physical and mental health and life expectancy
  • those who receive support from befriending services say that it reduces isolation and improves their social and community connection, independence and wellbeing
  • more than 1,100 lonely and isolated people across Derbyshire benefit from over 70,000 hours of befriending support given by 765 volunteers from 28 befriending services − if they were all paid for the time they give, this would cost £762,000
  • for every £1 spent on providing volunteering services the social benefits and cost savings to other services are worth £8.59

The full 'Befriending in Derbyshire - an independent assessment of its value and impact' report is attached to this page.

In November 2018 Derbyshire Trusted Befriending Network released a further briefing which details how they plan to tackle loneliness and isolation in Derbyshire.