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Redundancy rights and benefits

Information about your employment rights and rights to benefits if you are of working age and you are facing redundancy.

Check your rights

Is the redundancy fair? Are you entitled to a redundancy payment?

There's a range of support available to help find out about your redundancy rights, your rights during redundancy and to help check if your redundancy is fair.

If you're a trade union member, always consult your union.

Benefits and being made redundant

If you already receive benefits or Tax Credits get advice from our helpline to check how redundancy changes your entitlements.

See the following information if you're making a new claim for benefits or you've never claimed before.

New-style Jobseeker's Allowance

If you're laid off, or have been made redundant and you're seeking work, you can claim 'new-style' Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) if you have paid sufficient National Insurance as an employee in the last 2 complete tax years.

It lasts for 6  months and JSA is paid fortnightly in arrears at these rates:

  • under 25: £58.90 from April 2020
  • 25 and over: £74.35 from April 2020

The JSA payment is for you only. If your family's income is low and/or you need help with housing costs then you can claim Universal Credit.

You can claim JSA even if your partner is still working and no matter what savings you have in the bank. JSA will be affected if you do any work and may be affected if you are receiving payments from an occupational pension.

Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a means-tested 'top-up' if you and your family are on a low income. This includes topping up JSA, income from work or income from other benefits or pensions. It also provides help with rent costs.

Universal Credit payments are affected by savings over £6,000 and if you have over £16,000 you cannot get Universal Credit.

If you're on a low income you may also qualify for help with housing costs and Council Tax.