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Site performance

We carefully monitor how many people are visiting our website as this helps us to develop popular areas of the site further and to investigate why some areas are not visited very often.

Visitor statistics

We gather information about how many people are visiting our website through the use of Google Analytics.

This table provides information on page views and the number of individual users visiting the website.

Website usage over the past 3 months
Month Page viewsUsers
July 2023 658,934 181,829
August 2023 816,000 255,000
September 2023 625,457 174,773


We've set a target for the website to be available at least 99.98% of each calendar month.

If you'd like more detailed information about our website performance, please contact us.

Testing and improvements

We constantly monitor our websites, and use data and feedback to make improvements whenever possible. We want our website to be as easy to use and as accessible as possible.

If you have any difficulty using our website or if you have an enquiry about a service or a complaint please contact us.