Tourist signs

If you would like a white on brown tourism sign to your visitor attraction, you need to apply to us.

Tourism signing provides an important opportunity for tourism, businesses and local economies, and will be implemented positively and constructively.

The purpose of brown tourism signs is to direct business and leisure travellers to the location of a tourist attraction or tourist facility and not to advertise it. These signs are primarily there to safely guide those wishing to visit tourist destinations along the most appropriate route and to indicate facilities that a tourist would not expect to find in that location.

Road users who follow tourist signs expect a high standard of facility to be provided at the destination. Therefore to qualify for signs a destination must first meet the standards as set out in Visit England National Code of Practice for Visitor Attractions (opens in a new window).

Your attraction must have a minimum opening period of 150 days, be available for use by the public during opening hours without the need for pre-booking or membership, should be capable of attracting day visitors and tourists, as well as local residents, demonstrate that it is publicised throughout the tourist industry and comply with all statutory requirements. See related documents for the full tourist signing policies and procedures.

The Council's Highway Signs: Environmental Code of Practice document will be considered when signs are designed and erected to minimise visual intrusion to the environment. Through our Highways Asset Review and Reduction Programme we are seeking to reduce sign clutter across the County.

How much does it cost?

The application fee is £156.99 which enables us to consider your application and to provide you with a more detailed estimate of costs of producing and erecting signs.

In addition, tourist operators will be expected to pay a commuted sum of £40 per sign to cover routine maintenance and minor repairs to signs. This will also cover the removal of signs to establishments which cease to qualify for signing or are permanently closed.

In the event of major damage or theft, the operator will be liable to replace the signs.

How do I apply?

To apply for a tourism sign, please complete the application form and send it along with your application fee to:

Strategic Director - Economy, Transport and Environment
County Hall

It will take up to four weeks to process an application.

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