Repairing a document

Here are the steps we go through when preserving documents that have been damaged.

  • Conservation and repair one 1. This 16thcentury parchment deed has a large hole in it, probably caused by a rodent. If this hole is left untreated, the surrounding area could start tearing.
  • Conservation and repair two 2. A repair is carefully traced out on repair parchment.
  • Conservation and repair three 3. The overlap of the repair is pared down until it is transparent and flexible.
  • Conservation and repair four 4. The repair is stuck down with gelatine. The gelatine must be used at a temperature of 50 to 60 degrees. Too cold and it isn't tacky enough, too hot and it will stain the parchment.
  • Conservation and repair five 5. The repair is left under a weight to ensure good adhesion.
  • Conservation and repair six 6. The repaired document, front…
  • Conservation and repair seven 7. …and back. 

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