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We're planning essential maintenance on Sunday 24 June 2018 from 8am to noon. It may cause disruption to the website. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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Registering to use the record office

If you want to use the search room to look at original documents, including maps, you'll need a CARN ticket. If you want to use a computer you'll need a Derbyshire library card or register with us as a guest user.

CARN ticket

CARN ticket

If you already have a CARN ticket, please show it to us when visiting. If not you can get a ticket from us by completing a brief registration form and showing us proof of ID showing your full name, address and signature. A driving licence will have all of these or if not then a passport, household bill or bank statement along with a bank or credit card will be fine.

CARN tickets are free. They're valid for four years and will give you access to any record office that subscribes to the CARN ticket scheme.

You can find out more about the CARN scheme and other participating record offices from the Archives and Records Association.

Derbyshire library card

The books in the local studies collection are all for reference only but if you want to use any of our computers please bring along your Derbyshire library card. You can also reserve a computer online .

If you're not already a library member and live, work or study in Derbyshire you can join the library , online or in person at the record office. If you use either method please bring in a form of ID showing us your name and address to get your library card.

If you're not a Derbyshire resident then please show us some ID with your name and address and we can give you a guest ticket.