Minor Maintenance Agreements

The county council has been operating Minor Maintenance Agreements with parish councils since the 1960's. This has proved to be a very effective way of maintaining the local network of paths.

The current scheme allows parish councils to clear vegetation and carryout a limited amount of surface improvement.

We are intending to review the scheme as it is too restrictive.

We would however, welcome suggestions from parish councils for local projects that can be managed locally and to which the county council may be able to contribute to enhance and improve the local rights of way network.

 How does the scheme operate?

  • You will be asked for an estimate of expenditure at the start of the financial year (April). This allows us to set our budget for the forthcoming year.

  • Later in the year, usually around November, you will be asked to supply us with an update.

  • You must send in your invoice before or as near as possible to the close of the financial year (March).

  • We will inspect a selection of works through the year for auditing purposes.

To see if your parish or town council operates a Minor Maintenance Agreement with the county council and the rates of payment please refer to the document attached below.

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