Waste Watchers − School Theatre Production

Waste theatre project

The Waste Watchers is an innovative theatre in education programme aimed at year 8 Pupils and has a focus on waste and recycling issues.

The Waste Watchers, an innovative theatre in education programme, is run annually in secondary schools and special schools across the county.

The Waste Watchers, aimed at year 8 pupils, is a dynamic, hard-hitting 50-minute high energy magazine style interactive programme. It uses humour, music, multimedia and popular culture to engage, inspire and instil a sense of respect and responsibility to manage waste more efficiently. It also encourages pupils to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste at school and at home. 

The Waste Watchers programme comprises:

  • an interactive and contemporary presentation for the whole year group

  • follow-on interactive workshops which engage pupils and appeal to all learning styles.