Savvy Storage

Savvy storage Storing food in the right way helps keep it fresh and tasty for longer. Keeping food in the right way means less of the food being wasted and that's good for the environment and your pocket.

Keep the right food in the fridge

Check your fridge is between 1-5 degrees centigrade as this is the optimum range to keep food at its best for longer.

12 billion '5 a day' portions are thrown away each year. The fridge is an ideal place to store most of your fruit and veg. The exception is bananas (unless you have a banana bag) and whole pineapple. Keep potatoes and onions in a cool dark place.

Wrap food in the fridge

Fresh fruit and vegetables need to breathe in the fridge so don't store them in completely sealed containers. Fruit and vegetable packaging has been designed to help it stay fresh for longer, so don't take the packaging off until you're ready to eat the food.

Once opened, food like cheese and ham keep better if they're well wrapped by re-closing the pack, wrapping in cling film, foil, or putting it in an airtight container.

Leftovers, wrapped or put in airtight containers, can be kept in the fridge for two days. If you won't get around to eating it in two days then label it up with contents and date and freeze it for a ready made meal when you are too busy to cook.


If you aren't going to eat it, remember you can freeze food before the 'use by' date. Defrost when you need it and use within 24 hours.

Milk, yogurt, cheese and bread can all be frozen.

Did you know you can freeze all of these foods?

  • Potatoes and other root vegetables − just blanche in boiling water for a few minutes, cool, and freeze in bags or tubs
  • Hard cheeses − it's very tempting to splurge on lots of yummy cheese at Christmas, but it doesn't always get eaten. Thankfully, cheddar and parmesan can be grated and stilton crumbled before popping in the freezer − then add straight into soups, pasta, lasagne, gratins − the possibilities are endless!
  • Lemons − got lemons about to go past their best? Slice them up and freeze, they make refreshing ice cubes for your New Year parties!
  • Leftover roast meat − don't let it go to waste, pop it in the freezer then use it again in a tasty pie or curry.
  • Fresh herbs − add them to oil and/or butter then freeze to use again another time
  • Bread - when buying bread over the Christmas holidays, remember to put some straight into the freezer. It keeps perfectly for when it is needed, and you can use a sliced loaf at breakfast by toasting slices straight from frozen.